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Welcome! We’re an exceptional Montessori nursery housed in leafy grounds in Brighton & Hove.

We embrace Government’s EYFS education framework and are founded on Jewish practices & values.

We look forward to meeting you. Come and visit!

Work of
the Week

January 12th, 2018

Special Work

We love to display the variety and beauty of the work that the children produce. It gives our parents a real flavour of what we have been focusing on that week.

  • Edie painted using free expression
  • Uri created this sensory letter K
  • Ruby made this beautiful bird collage
  • Benjamin created his own roaring lion using a variety of media and materials
  • Eden traced the first words of the Shema, an important Jewish prayer, as she practised being a 'scribe'
  • Eden, Chana, Leo & Uri used junk modelling to create these gorgeous giraffes

Mitzvot / Good Deeds

Teachers look out for any Mitzvot, good deeds, that the children do, such as acts of kindness, helpfulness or respect towards each other or the teacher. This is what we like to sing about and celebrate!

  • Alma & Chana put away the wooden blocks at tidy-up time when we were in the garden
  • Yona brought bananas and oranges to share with her friends at snack time
  • Leo put his clothes on all by himself
  • Asher put a penny in the Tzedoka [charity] box and he also helped put the mats out for davening
  • Levi let Leyah have his toy hammer to fix the toy house