Children learn about Judaism through a creative of approach of joyful experiences and meaningful activities.

Every day the children say prayers, often with the encouragement of our friendly puppet, Dovi the duck. Charity is practised each morning  as we sing about the importance of giving.

Every week there is a Shabbat Party with parents, grandparents and friends. Children are very excited to have their turn as Shabbat ima and abba (mother and father). Together we enjoy the candles, wine and challah, we sing and dance and celebrate the wonderful achievements of the children during that week.

During the year the children learn about and celebrate all the Jewish Holidays, through art and craft, songs and practical experience.

We had our very own shul for Rosh Hashono in the Outdoor Wendy House and a succah under the climbing frame. We made clay menorahs and latkes for Chanuka, loved dressing up for Purim and acting out the Pesach story.

When there are no holidays we learn about Creation, the Jewish Home and how to make brochos (blessings) on the different foods.

We also introduce the Hebrew alphabet, which some of us can write and we love baking and eating Mrs Efunes’ healthy granary spelt challah.